During its first phase (2002 - 2007), RUPES worked in 6 action research sites in 3 countries – Bungo, Singkarak and Sumberjaya in Indonesia; Bakun and Kalahan in the Philippines; Kulekhani in Nepal.

For RUPES phase 2 (2008 – 2012), the program expanded its work to 10 more action research sites in 6 countries – Songhuaba, Tibetan Plateau and Xishuangbanna in China; Lake Loktak in India; Cidanau, Citarum and Kuningan in Indonesia; Shivapuri in Nepal; Lantapan in the Philippines; Bac Kan in Viet Nam.

In addition, RUPES also continued collaboration with other organizations and projects in 6 learning sites across Asia.


CHINA: (1) Songhuaba, (2) Tibetan Plateau, and (3) Xishuangbanna, INDIA: (4) Lake Loktak, Manipur, INDONESIA: (5) Bungo, Jambi, (6) Cidanau, Banten, (7) Citarum, West Java, (8) Kuningan, West Java, (9) Paninggahan, West Sumatra, and (10) Sumberjaya, Lampung, NEPAL: (11) Kulekhani, and (12) Shivapuri, PHILIPPINES: (13) Bakun, (14) Kalahan, and (15) Lantapan, VIETNAM: (16) Bac Kan