Working Papers

  • WP0170-13
    Simelton E, Dam VB, Catacutan D, Hoan DT, Hoa TN and Traldi R. 2013. Local capacity for implementing payments for environmental services schemes: lessons from the RUPES project in northeastern Viet Nam. Working Paper 163:34 p.
  • WP0072-06
    van Noordwijk M. 2005. RUPES typology of environmental service worthy of reward. RUPES Working Paper 2005_2. :46 p. 
  • WP0070-06
    Arifin B. 2005. Institutional constraints and opportunities in developing environmental service markets: Lessons from Institutional Studies on RUPES in Indonesia. RUPES Working Paper 2005_1. :59 p.
  • WP0057-05
    van Noordwijk M, Chandler F and Tomich TP. 2004. An introduction to the conceptual basis of RUPES.RUPES Working Paper No. 2004_2. :46 p.